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Win a Swag of Showbags

Win a Swag of Showbags

Scoop the pool and win this swag of showbags, full of fun and treats for all the family.

Featuring showbags from

  • Buggyboo Wall Art – 4 x A3 Poster Prints
  • Foodland South Australian Gourmet Foodie Bag
  • Charlesworth Nuts Insatiable Bag ($30 alone!)
  • Men’s Health (For Dad)
  • A LIttle Touch of Luxury (For Mum)
  • Bertie Beetle MEGA bag (yep there’s 50 of them too!)
  • Building Blocks (just like Lego)
  • Princess
  • Sour Gummy Bears
  • Red Rock Chips

The entry form below contains a number of different ways that you can earn entries into the competition.  Simply tell us in 25 words or less your favourite showbag was a kid and why to be in the draw.  The rest are all bonus ways of earning entries so it’s entirely up to you!

Share with your friends, enter today and bring some the fun and thrills of the Royal Adelaide show back home to your kids!

ABB Showbag Giveaway


18 Responses to “Win a Swag of Showbags”

  1. chrissy September 10, 201311:40 am

    Very happy to be able to have a chance to win 10 show bags

  2. Genine September 10, 201312:20 pm

    Thinks I would get some big brownie points with the kids if I won this one

  3. Sandi Giles September 10, 201311:01 pm

    the hubba bubba. I couldn’t chew bubblegum for 3 years as I had braces, but when removed I went hubba bubba mad, best bubble blower

  4. Marg Geyer September 11, 20135:30 am

    Yellow Brick Road! I had so much fun pretending I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the baked potato at the end was delicious!!!!

  5. Tae September 11, 201311:30 am

    Sunnyboy and Candyman were the best value as a kid growing up two bags for $5.
    This would be great to win and share with family 🙂

  6. tsjr1 September 11, 201311:39 am

    This would be good to win and share with family

  7. Tammie September 11, 20138:55 pm

    I didn’t get to go to the show till I was a teen! My favourite showbag was Cosmopolitan because of the free makeup and magazines!

  8. VICKI WILSON September 11, 201311:12 pm


  9. christine morris September 12, 201312:55 am

    Jaffa bags, i love any type of sweets, any bag containing Lollies lol:)

  10. Corinna September 13, 20131:26 am

    Having only just moved back to SA, due to a close family member passing away we weren’t able to make it to this years show. How lucky would we be to win!

  11. Jemma y September 13, 201311:01 am

    I loved the licorice bag only time we were allowed to eat sweets as I wore braces from 10 years old

  12. Michelle W September 14, 20132:45 am

    Freddo Frogs! There was only one variety back in the day but it was a goodie!

  13. Michelle Bowlay September 14, 20134:06 am

    What a wonderful surprise that would be for my little family of three kids and two adults to win.

  14. Alicia Harwood September 14, 20137:59 am

    The showbag with all the fairy/princess stuff in it!!! It was my favourite as a kid and my children love it too….

  15. Talia September 14, 20133:07 pm

    Would love to win 🙂 .. my boys would be oh so happy

  16. max September 16, 201311:15 pm

    The Bertie Beetle Bags,the best bag a boy could have,and inside the bag were little racing cars their wrappers shining oh so bright racing green, red ,purple, white inside the cars were small sultanas covered with the most delicious creamy chocolate it was really hard not to scoff the lot.

  17. max September 16, 201311:16 pm

    whoops bertie beetle was my choice the bubbles rocked and the choccy noice.

  18. suzane list September 16, 201311:28 pm

    Bertie Beetle showbag love the chocolates and still value for money today.

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