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Our Story

Baby, you’ve found the right place for bargains!

Welcome to Australian Baby Bargains, the only destination you’ll ever need to sell the stuff your bundles of joy have outgrown, and nab great deals on pre-loved infant and children items.

From our humble beginnings on Facebook, we’ve grown into a thriving online marketplace. We bring Australian parents a high-quality, completely free and—most importantly—local service for buying and selling new and pre-loved baby and children’s items.

Here on Australian Baby Bargains, you can:

  • Shop locally by searching within your state, or extend your search further
  • Get extra cash by selling the items your kids no longer want or need
  • Find the country’s best bargains on goods for infants and children
  • Stop paying listing fees or buyer markups—our services are 100% free!

Labour pains: A note from our founder

I won’t insult any of us mums by saying that creating a business is like giving birth. If it was, they’d give out epidurals for entrepreneurs. However, there’s always a good story behind every great venture – and here’s mine.

With my own stockpile of baby items to sell, I quickly grew frustrated with listings on online auction sites – paying the fees, waiting for bidders, and failing to sell a lot of the time. I decided there had to be a better, cheaper way to buy and sell these goods. After all, they still had a lot of use left in them…we all know kids grow faster than they can wear out their clothes and toys!

Initially, I set up an album on Facebook to promote the items to my friends. My idea blossomed into the concept of a “fan page” to share with other mums in Adelaide – and that’s when Adelaide Baby Bargains was born.

Word spread fast, and ABB became the buzz around town. With our membership steadily growing and our Facebook page overloaded with listings, we needed a dedicated website to better serve mums. The site was a huge success, and I knew it was time to share Baby Bargains with the rest of Australia.

Two years on, it’s been a lot of work, but we’re finally here—and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you all to Australian Baby Bargains.

Easy as ABC

It’s virtually effortless to buy and sell your baby and child items here. Best of all, it’s local – and 100% FREE! Don’t forget to check out our hugely popular marketplace for baby and children’s items – and the centerpiece of our website, the baby classifieds.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Australian Baby Bargains today, it won’t cost you a cent, and discover the revolutionary shopping experience that’s taken Australian by storm. Like thousands of others, you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without it.

Happy shopping!

Warm regards,
Belinda Jennings