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Children’s Panadol Recall: 1-5 Years Suspension Recalled for Quality Reasons

Two batches of Children’s Panadol 1–5 years suspension dispatched by GlaxoSmithKline between September and November have been recalled for quality reasons.

PRA number: 2013/13888

Date published: 5th December 2013

Product description

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in consultation with the TGA, is recalling two batches of Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension from pharmacies and hospitals as a small proportion of bottles contain higher levels of paracetamol than specified.

For more detailed information in relation to the recall, please visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.

Identifying features

The two affected batches were dispatched from GSK between September and November 2013. The identified batches are:

• Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension (strawberry / 200mL) -(identified by JR130869 on the carton and 130869 on the bottle)

• Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension (orange / 100mL) – (identified by JR130697 on the carton and 130697 on the bottle)

What are the defects?    

The higher levels of paracetamol in the two affected batches may result in doses that are over the recommended and labelled doses but not to the extent that they pose risks to children when the product is used according to the directions on the label.

What are the hazards?
Incorrect dosage may result in illness.

Where the product was sold?

Traders who sold this product-
Sold in pharmacies over the counter (OTC) and available for use in hospitals

Supplier –
GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd

What should consumers do?

Parents and carers should ensure that they follow the dosing instructions on the label.

As with all medicines, consumers should always read the label and use only as directed.

For Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension the label instructs users to:

  • shake bottle, use the measuring device provided to accurately measure the correct dose.
  • this dose may be repeated if necessary, every 4 hours.
  • do not give more than four doses in one day or within any 24-hour period.
  • do not use for more than 48 hours at a time except on medical advice.

If you have given more paracetamol than recommended above, contact the Poisons Information Centre (telephone 131126) or your doctor, or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. Do this even if your child does not seem sick.

If you have a bottle from one of the two affected batches and still have concerns, you can contact GSK on 1800 650 123 (between 8am and 8pm EST). GSK will either organise for a replacement product to be sent to you or, if urgent, GSK can arrange for you to pick up a replacement product from your local pharmacy. Alternatively a refund can be provided.

Advertisements and supporting documentation

 TGA recall advice – Children’s Panadol 1-5 Years.pdf (89.4 KB)

URGENT RECALL: Panadol Syringe Dosing Device for Children’s Panadol 1 Month – 2 Years (Baby Drops)

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is initiating a recall of Children’s Panadol Baby Drops Syringe dosing device due to possible inaccurate placement of the dosing indicator on the syringe.

Following initial investigations, this appears to be a rare incident and a low safety risk, however in the best interests of consumer safety and in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), we have decided to undertake a voluntary recall.

GSK is requesting that consumers check their Children’s Panadol Baby Drops product that comes with a syringe. If you are uncertain if your syringe is affected please consult your pharmacist. If the syringe is incorrect it should be returned to the pharmacy or the consumer can call the GSK Product Information line on 1800 650 123.
It is important to note that the Children’s Panadol liquid within the bottle is safe to use. The only component impacted is the syringe, no other Children’s Panadol or Panadol products are affected. Therefore, consumers may choose to dispose of the incorrect syringe and continue using the product with another suitable syringe.
Dosing indicators on the Children’s Panadol Baby Drops syringe begin from the bottom of the syringe, near the tip (as seen in the bottom picture below).

“If a child has been dosed using an incorrect syringe following the label instructions, there is a low risk to the health of the child,” Dr Andrew Yeates, Medical Director GSK Australia said.

“However if you have any concerns that your child may have received too much Children’s Panadol®, or If an overdose is taken or suspected, ring the Poisons Information Centre (Australia131 126) or go to the hospital immediately even if your child feels well because of the risk of delayed, serious liver damage if left untreated.
“Pharmacists and doctors have been advised of the situation and have been asked to apply clinical judgement should a patient experience a worsening of their symptoms,” said Dr. Andrew Yeates.
As the manufacturer, GSK is conducting a thorough investigation and appropriate actions are being taken to ensure that this situation does not occur again.
Patient safety, quality and continued supply of medicines to consumers and patients are key objectives of GSK.
When using Panadol® ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Not all vacuum cleaners were created equal. Today I learnt why.

I have to admit, I’ve never been really too fussed when it comes to vacuum cleaners.  I mean, as long as they clean the floors they’ve done a good job. Right?

I’ve heard a lot of people raving about Dyson vacuum cleaners over the years and to be honest, never really understood why.  There’s like a fan club of Dyson Devotees and I was curious to know what all the noise was about.  How can a vacuum cleaner be THAT good?  Seriously.  It’s a vacuum cleaner!

So when I was asked to road test one in my own home and write a review, I thought… Perfect! We’ll see then, won’t we?!

Well I have to say, I learnt a thing or three about what happens when you mix clever technology with 20 years of research and development. Throw in smart design and you’ve got yourself the Dyson DC54.

You might have guessed by now that I haven’t kept up with the latest vacuum technology.  I’ve got an old Miele Cat & Dog which I’ve had for about 7 years and runs on the ‘old-school’ dust-bag process but it does the job.  So, pulling the Dyson out of the box was my first surprise.  It looked almost ‘space age’ and certainly didn’t resemble anything like a typical vacuum cleaner. It was sexy. Did I just call a vacuum sexy? Ahem!  Righto, let’s get this baby cranking!

Putting it together was easy even though there are a surprising number of floor attachments and a turbo head to beat the carpet pile and get the dust out from deep down. Once she was on she was gliding over the floors effortlessly.  Definitely different to what I was used to.  No more yanking on the hose to get the cleaner to follow! The machine sits on a ball design so there’s a lower centre of gravity making it far more nimble to move around the house than traditional machines. I can almost hear my skirting boards breathing a sigh of relief!

My 2 year old was even more excited than me and I had to fight him for it. This machine is cool and he wanted IN.  He’s a bit obsessed with vacuums, though more so the smaller hand-held one we have, but he wanted to try this one so I handed it over.  Good news for me, the kid’s a natural!  The ‘wand’ with the turbo head is ridiculously light which meant he was able to manage it himself really well.  He was off and even he was pulling the machine around with no effort. Goes to show how lightweight and easy to manoeuvre it really is.

At home we’ve got parquetry floors through most of our house so I need something that is great on both hard floors and carpets.  I don’t have time to swap heads as I move through the house. Get in and get out is my motto! Time is precious and don’t want to be spending any more time cleaning than I need to.

I loved the turbine head which is made from carbon fibre so on carpet the stiff nylon bristles remove dirt and on hard floors, like my parquetry, the ultra fine antistatic carbon fibre filaments remove dust.  And they do that so well, especially along the skirting boards where I’m often going back for a second run through with my existing vacuum because the head doesn’t have strong suction on the sides.

Another thing I really liked is that you don’t need to adjust the head of the vacuum to go from hard to soft floors.  No more bending down or stepping on the head to adjust the settings.  It’s automatic.  Almost like it does the thinking for you.

I’ve seen and heard a lot about the cyclonic action and bag-free vacuums, but was super impressed when I had finished vacuuming the house and discovered just how much dust and dirt the machine had sucked up. Seriously incredible. Now I wonder just how much my existing machine is missing!  I can only imagine how valuable this would be in a household with asthma or sensitivities.   No bag means no more cost and with no filters you’ll never need to clean or replace them EVER.


One push of the button and the whole central housing came out. Took it to the bin, flicked a button and the bottom drops open to release all the dust and dirt.  GONE.  Sooo therapeutic.

They’re pretty thorough on their testing and development which I reckon is why they make such an amazing machine (and have earned such a seriously good reputation). I was really apprehensive going into this, wondering what the fuss was all about.

Now I get it.  It’s not just a vacuum cleaner, it’s a whole new way of cleaning.  Proper cleaning.

I think I’ve just joined the Dyson Devotees.


Thanks to Dyson, we’ve got 1 of these babies for one of our members to review!  Simply click here to apply for the project and you could be putting your own DC54 through their paces!

Founder of the Australian Baby Bargains and Mum Central networks, Belinda’s passionate about connecting, supporting and providing relevant and valuable information to parents around the country.

Test drive your own Dyson Digital Cyclonic DC54

Thanks to our friends at Dyson, we’re giving one lucky member the chance to test drive their own Dyson Digital Cyclonic DC54 just like Belinda did here.  To apply, simply complete the form below and you’re in the running!

Dyson DC54 Product Review

Peppa Pig LIVE Mega Ticket Giveaway

Peppa Pig is coming to town and we’re having a Mega Ticket Giveaway to celebrate!

In this beautiful new theatrical production, Peppa Pig and her friends set off on a treasure hunt. Peppa, her brother George and friend Danny Dog get up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. There are clues aplenty as Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot and Zoe Zebra help them find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. Full sail, ahoy!

PEPPA PIG LIVE! TREASURE HUNT features true-to-life puppets, operated by talented puppeteer/ musical theatre performers singing live and forming an integral part of the show. Young Peppa Pig fans in Australia will be charmed and delighted with perfect sing-along-songs and new adventures that end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

For more information, tickets and tour dates please visit:    

Tickets to be won for the following shows:

★  5 x Family Passes for 4 – Thursday 5th December at 10am at Dunstan Theatre, Adelaide
★  5 x Family Passes for 4 – Thursday 5th December at 12.30pm at Dunstan Theatre, Adelaide
★  5 x Family Passes for 4  – Friday 31st January at 10am at Canberra Theatre, Canberra
★  5 x Family Passes for 4  – Tuesday 10th December at 4pm at QUT Gardens Theatre, Brisbane
★  1 x Family Pass for 4  – Wednesday 5th February at 4pm at Theatre Royal, Hobart
★  1 x Family Pass for 4  – Friday 24th January at 1pm, Regal Theatre, Perth

Sydney & Melbourne, don’t despair! We’ve got a special giveaway for you – click here!

Peppa Pig LIVE Mega Ticket Giveaway

PRODUCT RECALL: Coles Christmas One Metre Bear

Coles are recalling their one metre tall plush bears in both dark brown and white colour variants with a red ribbon on the neck.

Identifying features

Item Code: 7728738
Batch code: 31/07/13

What are the defects?

The toys may liberate polyester fill during use as they do not comply with the mandatory standard for toys for children up to and including 36 months of age (Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2003, as amended by the regulation).

What are the hazards?

Polyester fill may present a choking hazard if ingested by infants.

Dates available for sale

  • 1st October 2013 – 8th November 2013

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Coles Supermarkets and Bi-Lo Stores


Coles Supermarket Pty Ltd

Supplier’s web site

What should consumers do?

Cease using the product immediately. Consumers should return the goods to their nearest Coles supermarket or Bi-Lo store to obtain a refund.

Adelaide Measles Outbreak

If you’ve been to the Mt Barker Farmers Markets, Morphettville Medical Centre, Kirinari Community School or Plympton Family Practice this week, be aware 6 kids came back from Bali and may have triggered a measles outbreak. 

AN extended family has fallen ill with the highly infectious measles virus after a trip to Bali, prompting an urgent public health warning.

Key suburbs at risk include Mt Barker, Glenelg East, Unley and Plympton.

Six people from an metropolitan Adelaide family have come down with the disease prompting SA Health to remind travellers to make sure their vaccinations are up to date before heading overseas.

More info here:

PRODUCT RECALL: Woolworths Macro Organic Baby Food Pouches

Woolworths are recalling three varieties of 120g Macro Organic baby food pouches.

Details of the affected products are:

  • Macro Organic Lamb & Sweet Potato 120g –
    • Best Before: 11/SEP/14   Batch: 13254
    • Best Before: 13/SEP/14   Batch: 13256
  • Macro Organic Beef with Vegetables & Rice 120g – Best Before: 12/SEP/14   Batch: 13255
  • Macro Organic Chicken with Sweetcorn & Pasta 120g – Best Before 13/SEP/14   Batch: 13256

These products were sold at Woolworths, Safeway, Thomas Dux, Food for Less or Flemings supermarkets nationally between 11 September 2013 and 16 October 2013.

The batch and ‘best before’ details can be found on the back of the product. While only products made in these specific batches are affected, Woolworths will accept any returns of these products that are currently in date to reassure customers.

This product is being recalled due to the possibility of contamination where the spout at the top of the pack has pierced the packaging of some products.  Woolworths was alerted to the issue by a small number of customer complaints.

These products should not be consumed and customers can return it to their nearest store for a full refund.

Woolworths apologises for any inconvenience caused by this recall.  Customers can call the toll-free customer service number for more information on 1800 103 515.

Measles Outbreak: Queensland Health Warning

Measles outbreak 2013

Queensland is currently experiencing a measles outbreak, with 21 cases reported so far this year.

Measles is an acute, highly infectious illness which can cause serious complications such as pneumonia (lung infection) and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).  It can spread very easily so anyone who has not had two measles containing vaccinations, or who is not sure, is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The measles vaccine is free from your local doctor for anyone born from 1966 and after. People born before 1966 are considered immune due to growing up at a time when everyone had measles in early childhood.


It usually takes about 10 days for measles symptoms to show, but can take from 7 to 18 days.

The early symptoms of measles include:

  • fever
  • tiredness
  • coughing
  • runny nose
  • red inflamed eyes.

These symptoms usually become more severe over the first three days.

In the early stages of infection, small white spots on a red base may appear in the mouth on the inside of the cheek. This is followed by a blotchy, dark red rash, usually beginning at the hairline. The rash will spread to the entire body over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Typically, the person will feel most unwell for the first couple of days after the rash appears. The rash usually disappears after 6 days.

Treatment and prevention

Vaccination is the only way to prevent measles.

People with measles should be excluded from work, school or childcare centres for at least 4 days after the appearance of the rash. Anyone who has been in contact with a person with measles and has not been vaccinated, or has any condition that compromises their immune system, should be excluded from school and childcare for 14 days from the day the rash appeared in the person diagnosed with measles.

There is no specific treatment for measles. The symptoms are usually treated with rest, plenty of fluids, and paracetamol to lessen pain or fever. Do not use aspirin for treating fever in children.

The measles virus is very contagious. A person may be infectious from about 5 days before the onset of the rash until about 4 days after the rash appears.

The virus is spread through coughing and sneezing or through direct contact with secretions from the nose or mouth.

Further information

PRODUCT RECALL: Dymples Plush Blankie

BIG W—Dymples Plush Blankie (Monkey, Elephant and Lion)

PRA number: 2013/13777
Date published: 11th October 2013

Product description

Small soft plush blanket with plush animal head in the middle (Monkey, Elephant and Lion).
Product is made from a variety of plush materials with a plastic sheet in the middle allowing infants to touch and feel the item whilst the ‘crinkle’ action of the sheet makes noise.

Identifying features

Keycode: 8332039
Assortment of 3 designs sold under the same keycode (Monkey, Elephant and Lion)

What are the defects?

With use, the stitching on the edge of the “blanket” section of the toy may become frayed and detach.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, the polyester filling may pose a choking hazard if ingested.

Dates available for sale

  • 21st July 2013 – 11th October 2013

Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product




Supplier’s web site

What should consumers do?

Customers should immediately cease using the product and return it to any BIG W store for a full refund.

Advertisements and supporting documentation

 Recall Notice.pdf (96.5 KB)

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