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Win Tickets & a VIP Meet & Greet with Elmo in Adelaide!

Sesame Street are coming to town and YOU can win a Meet & Greet with Elmo in Adelaide!

One lucky winner will receive a Family Pass (4 tickets) to the show PLUS get to meet Elmo personally in a VIP Meet & Greet!

The Sesame Street gang – Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Elmo use the letters of the alphabet to navigate a voyage through imagination that sees them visiting China, Zambia, France, India and Australia!

Elmo and his friends have fun learning how people sing, dance and say hello all over the world. However, things don’t go to plan when Cookie Monster eats the letter “C”. Can Abby Cadabby find the right magic spell to help?

Along the way, audiences will hear a sensational tale from The Count, help some travelling rubber-duckies find a place to stay with Bert and Ernie, and see the Sesame Street gang make a new friend; the gorgeous, gregarious, globe-trotter from the Gold Coast – Lady Baa Baa – proving its more fun to be mutton than lamb. Featuring a bunch of classic Sesame Street songs alongside some catchy new tunes, SESAME STREET PRESENTS ELMO’S WORLD TOUR has delighted fans of all ages around the nation.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit:

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running!  Be sure to specify your city so we can include you in the right draw!


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156 Responses to “Win Tickets & a VIP Meet & Greet with Elmo in Adelaide!”

  1. CheekyBel June 13, 20132:52 am

    Definitely I’d be taking Master 2 as he’s a BIIIG Elmo fan! How amazing!

  2. Narelle Rock June 13, 20135:00 am

    I would love to see the look on Mr 4’s face when he meets Elmo…he would be absolutely star struck!

  3. candy watkins June 13, 20135:03 am

    i would take my daughter shes 2 to see elmo she loves him she has a elmo suit and wants to wear it everyday to be a fluffy little elmo! hes her favourite from seasame street she loves him so much

  4. Kirsty June 13, 20135:05 am

    My little girl and little boy. They would both love the chance to meet some of their fav tv stars

  5. Rach June 13, 20135:05 am

    Would love to treat my nephew, who has been such a huge help since the recent births of his sister and cousin!

  6. Lorraine Williams June 13, 20135:06 am

    My son Jayden is a huge fan of Elmo and we’ve already purchased our tickets to go and see him. However, if I could win tickets and a chance for Jayden to meet him face-to-face, I’d be the best mummy in the world (at least in his eyes), plus some of his friends could come too 🙂

  7. chantal hall June 13, 20135:07 am

    my son,step daughter, her mumma and myself would be a fantastic experiance for the kiddies and a great day out for us!

  8. MissPoppet June 13, 20135:14 am

    My daughter and my niece so they can have some awesome cousin time

  9. Chantel June 13, 20135:17 am

    My daughters coz they luv elmo & sesame street

  10. tracy June 13, 20135:21 am

    I would take my youngest son because he loves Elmo and all the gang on Sesame Street it would be amazing watching his face light up 🙂

  11. Aims June 13, 20135:23 am

    I’d like to take my son Oliver who is 18 months and gets so excited every time he sees Elmo!

  12. RENAE June 13, 20135:24 am

    I would take my 2 year old Eloise as she needs all the excitement she can get to have a lovely long arvo sleep!

  13. Enigmagurrl June 13, 20135:28 am

    I’d take my 10 month old girl as she loves sesame street and gets excited every time she sees it on TV.

  14. Joanne Day June 13, 20135:29 am

    I would be taking my two girls as they absolutely adore Elmo and the Sesame Street Crew

  15. Kristy Malone June 13, 20135:30 am

    Elmo because my 2 kids love him and would be excitedly to meet him 🙂

  16. Tanya June 13, 20135:33 am

    My 2 young nephews and my 1 young niece would be the ones I take to meet ELMO as they absolutely love him. I also get to bond with them.

  17. rhiannon calley June 13, 20135:46 am

    My son, my niece myself and my sister in law we all adore elmo

  18. zoe berger June 13, 20135:49 am

    I’d take my lovely 3 year old and my little nephew and his mum. for a cousin day 🙂

  19. kerry- hannant June 13, 20135:56 am

    I would take my 2 and 4 yo daughters and my 2 yo grand daughter. The four of us could have a lovely all girls day out with lots of laughs, cuddles with their idol 🙂

  20. Nicole June 13, 20136:06 am

    I would take my 6 year old and 2.5 year old daughters, they’ll be so excited as they have never seen Elmo perform.

  21. kristy June 13, 20137:32 am

    My gorgeous monster fan Jarrah is the one on top of the list, followed by his big sister and his mate Ryan. It is definitely an exciting thought that this event could bring so much joy to the people i love and adore the most 😀

  22. KerryG June 13, 20138:11 am

    would take my son 2 and my neice 4 both love elmo

  23. Amber June 13, 20138:52 am

    I would take my two daughters (3 &1) who would both just giggle their little hearts out!

  24. Keren June 13, 201311:09 am

    i would take my 3 year old who loves elmo she would be very excited

  25. Cass June 13, 201312:33 pm

    Would take Miss 5 and Miss 3 if I were to win this-haven’t yet seen Elmo but they would LOVE it.

  26. Kiri June 14, 20132:16 am

    My Miss about to turn three would just melt if she got to have a cuddle with ‘Melmo’!!!!! Crossing everything to help her birthday wish to come true!

  27. jessica June 14, 20135:02 am

    I would take my 2 year old twins, this would be their first like show and they love Elmo

  28. Jo Diegmann June 14, 20139:27 am

    I would take my son he loves Elmo. Even as a baby when he was crying I would play Elmo via you tube on my phone and he would laugh. We have a book with an Elmo puppet in it that he constantly walks around with chatting away. He’s only 14 months so we can only guess what he’s talking about but it sure sounds like an in depth conversation. I would also take my daughter.

  29. Carrie June 14, 20139:43 am

    My little man would be beside himself if he met Elmo

  30. Zoe June 14, 20139:44 am

    I would take my beautiful 18 month old, she adores elmo

  31. Sandie June 14, 20139:50 am

    my beautiful boys

  32. Anne Marie Baggstrom June 14, 20139:55 am

    I would take my daughter who is the biggest fan of Elmo everything has to be Elmo so she would freak out if she got to meet him and she is only 3 year old

  33. Taryn Griffiths June 14, 201310:09 am

    Would be so amazing to win this!

  34. Marie brenchley June 14, 201310:11 am

    My daughter loves Elmo, this would be the perfect 2nd birthday present to her as her birthday is the 16th of July 🙂

  35. stacey coppin June 14, 201310:23 am

    I would take my 4yr old daughter to meet elmo. She gets so excited seeing him on tv! She would love to meet him…

  36. maree zak June 14, 201310:57 am

    My miss would love to give elmo a big kiss

  37. maree zak June 14, 201310:58 am

    My miss would love to give elmo a big kiss on his big orange nose

  38. sheepish1 June 14, 201311:40 am

    I would take my 3yr old Daughter and her best Friend Natty. They always bright up any room they’re in. Their bond is so special have known each other since a few months old. and of course us mums 😀

  39. dena June 14, 201311:47 am

    I’d take my 3yo daughter Madeline as she is in awe of Elmo everytime he’s on tv!

  40. Jennifer Young June 14, 201311:52 am

    My children of course. My son (18 months) and daughter (years). That would make all their dreams come true x

  41. Emma White June 14, 201312:21 pm

    I would take my 2 little girls. They love Elmo

  42. Katie Hoffman June 14, 20139:10 pm

    My 3 yr old daughter loves Elmo. Seeing her dancing up a storm in the lounge room when Sesame Street is on brings such joy. She would be in awe to meet him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Erin McLean June 14, 201310:57 pm

    It would have to be my daughter and son.they have grown up watching Elmo and I think he is a positive rollmodel.

  44. rebecca bulpin June 15, 20131:06 am

    I would take my two girls and my mum with me. My eldest absolutely loves elmo and would be so excited to meet him.

  45. Kahla June 15, 20131:06 am

    Would be an amazing experience for my kids
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  46. Khristina Wood June 15, 20131:07 am

    I would take my almost 2 year old as she loves Elmo.

  47. Natalie Marcuccio June 15, 20131:15 am

    I would take my 21month old little boy Max because since he was a tiny baby he has been obsessed with Elmo. He dances with his Elmo every morning and reads his Sesame Street books before bed as well as watch the dvds all from the local library. Unfortunately it kills us that we cant afford tickets for Elmo so hopefully we can win some. Fingers crossed!

  48. Maria A June 15, 20131:22 am

    My 18 month old daughter would love to meet Elmo. I’m sure big brother would enjoy coming along also!

  49. samantha simpson June 15, 20131:23 am

    I would love to take my son caleb to see this he is nearly 1 and loves elmo im having a sesame street party for him in a few week he loves it

  50. jess June 15, 20132:07 am

    i would take my lil boy cause he absolutely loves it when elmo comes on sesame street and hes always dancing to him

  51. Samantha Lisy June 15, 20132:12 am

    This would make a fabulous birthday present for my best friends soon-to-be 3yr old!

  52. Rachel June 15, 20132:13 am

    I would take my daughter who is 2 just a week before elmo is on stage. Off all the shows for kids today Sesame Street is by far her favourite! She comes running & screaming if she isn’t in the room when it starts.

  53. Kerry June 15, 20132:29 am

    I would give the tickets to my niece so her son Zac ( a HUGE Elmo fan) can go and his cousin Tyler…Good luck to every entrant

  54. zara June 15, 20133:03 am

    I would take my 12month old son because we think Elmo rocks!!

  55. Rhiannon June 15, 20133:45 am

    I really would love to win these for my lil son and daughter : )

  56. Kylie Carr June 15, 20134:17 am

    My sons who are 4 and 16 months. we have elmos everywhere at home so they would love to see him.

  57. Michelle Gray June 15, 20136:15 am

    My two little Elmo lovers, Miss 3 and Miss 5 🙂

  58. Kathleen June 15, 20137:20 am

    Mt 3 year old son for sure. He would have such a blast and wouldlove to give elmo a big hug

  59. Crystal June 15, 20132:53 pm

    I’d love to meet Elmo with my 14month old son Kaiden because he would be so excited to meet a real themed character instead of watching on tv- he’d be sooo amazed

  60. Donna Farley June 15, 201311:47 pm

    My little boys love Elmo and after the hard time we have had lately they deserve a break xx

  61. Emma June 18, 20137:51 am

    I’d take my 7 year old daughter, almost 3 year old son and hubby!

  62. Corrie June 18, 20137:52 am

    I’d take my daughter Zoe as she loves Elmo and especially Zoe!

  63. michelle June 18, 20137:57 am

    My 16 month old daughter, who is elmo obsessed to the point she walks around with the baby wipes because they have “dida” on them..

  64. Sara June 18, 20137:57 am

    i would be taking my lil Mr Elmo Fan (2.5yrs)

  65. KirstinB June 18, 20137:57 am

    I would lovee to take my 3 year old daughter as she adores Elmo.

  66. teagen June 18, 20138:00 am

    Would love to win for my two babies

  67. kaylee lane June 18, 20138:02 am

    my nearly 4 year old would love love love this prize 🙂

  68. Victoria O'Neil June 18, 20138:03 am

    I would take Jason for his birthday. He would just love to meet Elmo for his birthday.

  69. Chantelle June 18, 20138:10 am

    My 2 year old daughter would love this!

  70. Mel Ryan June 18, 20138:20 am

    I would take my sons who is 4 yrs as a reward to not wetting his bed during the night and being good at child care

  71. Jessica Wedge June 18, 20138:21 am

    I would want my son to meet Elmo because he would ask Elmo lots of questions about Abby Cadabby. James loves her and Elmo x

  72. gemma June 18, 20138:22 am

    If anyone is an Elmo fan its my daughter (3). She takes her Elmo everywhete as like a security blanket. No matter what the situation she needs her ‘big’ Elm. She has a big elmo, baby elmo and puppet Elmo that she won’t go to bed without. This would be a dream come true if she won this

  73. Sharma Edwards June 18, 20139:11 am

    I would take my 4 year old daughter and my 6 years old daughter who has Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia and many other medical conditions…..she has been in and out of hospital and it would be lovely to take her to something other than a hospital appointment.

  74. Pam June 18, 20139:15 am

    I would love to take my almost 2 year old daughter to meet Elmo as she loves him and cuddles him to sleep each night. She would just be so excited to actually meet Elmo!!

  75. BP June 18, 20139:22 am

    Miss 3 and Miss 5.

  76. lorna June 18, 20139:47 am


  77. Brooke June 18, 20139:56 am

    I would take my 3yo daughter. She would probably scream and cry, but that would only make things more interesting…right??

  78. Aimee June 18, 201310:01 am

    My darling 2year old son is in love with Elmo and Sesame Street.
    I would love the opportunity to take him and our small family on the first family outing since his brother was born 5months ago 🙂

  79. carol01 June 18, 201310:26 am

    I would have to say my grandaughters and grandson just loves Elmo soooo much,so please pick me so I can take them ….please

  80. theresaparis June 18, 201310:56 am

    I’ve been a huge Elmo fan for years and my 7 month daughter loves Sesame Street so I’d love the opportunity to take her to the show and for her to meet the characters!

  81. QUEENBEE June 18, 201311:33 am

    Love to take my 3yr old out on a date since having a newborn would be a treat for both of us one to one time together

  82. Lang June 18, 201312:40 pm

    My little man loves Elmo and each time he sees him on Sesame Street or sees him in a book, he’ll pipe up..

  83. Melissa Carley June 18, 20133:35 pm

    My daughter would LOVE to see Elmo on stage! As a working mum I dont get alot of chances to take her to anything like this, so i would love to take her!

  84. Chrissie Hanham June 19, 20139:28 am

    I would take my son and my nephew. My son LOVES Elmo!

  85. Kerri June 20, 20136:56 am

    Elmo has always been a big favourite in this house

  86. Amanda williams June 20, 201312:47 pm

    My daughter loves Elmo it would be good to go and spend quality 1 on 1 time with her

  87. Lynlee Howe June 21, 20132:00 am

    Elmo what a wonderful opportunity for children to explore their imagination and still be kids

  88. Rebekah June 21, 20132:51 am

    I would take my daughters as i have a friend who loves Elmo and she spoilt them with all sorts of Elmo merchandise when they were born that they are converted elmo lovers 🙂

  89. Nixie June 21, 20132:58 am

    Cookie Monster, Hes a cutie and well cookies rule! 🙂

  90. Natasha Halczuk Barber June 21, 20138:40 am

    My 4yr old daughter Mischa Is a big fan 🙂

  91. leash1980 June 21, 20139:00 am

    My all time favourites Ernie and Bert!

  92. taiya June 22, 201312:44 am

    My beautiful list man would go crazy iver meeting elmo he totally adores him,plus its his second birthday in a few weeks what better way to celebrate!

  93. lauren t June 22, 201312:49 am

    I would take my 2yo daughter. Abby & Elmo’s #1 fan 🙂

  94. Bronwin Karalus June 22, 201312:49 am

    Lil miss 3.5yo loves”Melmo”
    (no idea where the M comes from though lol)

  95. Kylie_A June 22, 201312:50 am

    Oooo pick me pick me!! My boys 3&4 would go totally cray cray having the chance to meet Elmo, big fans here 🙂 🙂

  96. Tayla-Lee June 22, 201312:56 am

    I would take my daughter, she had quiet a serious accident last week & I think seeing Elmo would cheer her up 🙂

  97. kylie June 22, 201312:57 am

    Ill would be taking my son who is 9 weeks old

  98. Julia Andriske June 22, 20131:13 am

    My daughter Madeline would love the experience.

  99. Natalie June 22, 20131:14 am

    Mr 3 loves Cookie monsterand I love the count.:-)

  100. Natalie June 22, 20131:18 am

    Helps if I read it properly.
    Mr 3, as he always ask are we going to sesame street when we are driving in the car.

  101. Eunice June 22, 20131:50 am

    I would love to go because I’m 56 years old and never been to one and certainly never meet one and il love to take my grand children which iv never done with my own children ..never could afford it being a sole parent ….

  102. Kirsty Koch June 22, 20133:20 am

    I would be taking my little man who has just turned 2 he would love Elmo.

  103. Rebecca Small June 22, 20134:01 am

    my two boys LOVE Elmo!!

  104. Karen June 22, 201311:57 am

    i would take my almost 2 year old daughter she loves “Melmo” as muxh as i do!!!

  105. Julie Burrows June 22, 20132:09 pm

    My daughter grew up loving Elmo, she even had an Elmo cake for her 21st birthday. She now has a daughter nearly 3 years old who loves him too. I’m keeping the Elmo cake tin for her 21st so for them to meet him and have a photo taken with him would be a great present for my granddaughter on her 21st.

  106. chrissy June 23, 20134:53 am

    I would love to take my two wonderful Grandsons Carlos and Austin my two hero’s

  107. Josh mcdonnell June 23, 20134:59 am

    Love ABB and all these opportunities

  108. Jo Whiley June 23, 20135:01 am

    My daughter has just turned 3 and absolutely loves Elmo.. I would love to take her to a meet and greet, it would be something she would remember forever.. I am sure that her lol Elmo would have to come along too as we can not go anywhere with out him..
    Good luck to everyone that enters and congrats to the winner there will be 4 very happy people .. and extremely excited little ones at the show.
    Thanks for the opportunity 😉

  109. Adam Carroll June 23, 20135:02 am

    I’d take my almost 4 year old to the Adelaide show! He loves Cookie Monster cos he thinks he is sooooo funny!

  110. Amanda June 23, 20135:12 am

    I’d take my 3 & 1/2 year old daughter & my 2 & 1/2 year old son. They would absolutely love to meet Elmo!

  111. nicole ranson June 23, 20135:41 am

    i would of course take my 2 children and my hubby (the biggest child). would be such an amazing day out

  112. Nakita June 23, 201311:03 am

    I would take my daughter, my brother and

  113. Sarah walton June 23, 201311:04 am

    I would take my almost 1 year old son, he has been through so much spending the first 4 months of his life in hospital, having to have a tracheostomy and permanent feeding tube yet he continues to thrive and has such an amazing character. He gets so excited at his Elmo toys I’d love a meet and greet for a photo for him to look back on and love,

  114. Nikki June 23, 201311:04 am

    I would take my 14 month old daughter & my 2.5 year old daughter and my partner. We are big fans of Elmo!

  115. Laurel June 23, 201311:06 am

    Who does’t love ELMO – we all do….!!!!!! My nephew loves tickle me and to do just that in a meet and greet is something that he can cherish always 🙂

  116. Loren June 23, 201311:06 am

    My son, he just LOVES Elmo

  117. Tracy June 23, 201311:07 am

    I would definitely take my granddaughter Sienna who will be 2 in July

  118. Belinda Cocker June 23, 201311:09 am

    I would take my 2.5yr old daughter as she loves Elmo, and she loves having elmo books read to her at bedtime 😀

  119. Rachel Palmer June 23, 201311:10 am

    I would take my two and a half year old daughter. I had twin girls 8 months ago and my two year old has grown and blossomed into a beautiful, kind, and caring little girl. She loves Elmo and it would make her year if she could meet him.

  120. Melanie Bassett June 23, 201311:12 am

    I would have to take my 3 yr old son to meet elmo. He’s always been obsessed with elmo.

  121. tarsha Franklin June 23, 201311:24 am

    I would take my 3yo daughter and her best friend because she deserves it. She would love to see all her sesame street friends.

  122. Debbie June 23, 201311:40 am

    definitely would take our 1yo son who has just discovered the awesome Elmo & also our 6yo daughter & 6yo nephew..& myself who’s quite an Elmo fan too…never too old to love Elmo! 😉

  123. Melissa T June 23, 201312:34 pm

    I would take my beautiful daughter to meet Elmo…She would just love it & to see her face light up with joy & excitement would be so amazing! Thank u, great competition! 🙂

  124. Renae Lauren June 23, 201312:52 pm

    I would take my almost 3 year old daughter, who loves Elmo. She would have a ball, as would I!

  125. RinaLee June 23, 20131:12 pm

    I would take my beautiful Twins Ruby and William as they get so excited just hearing his voice, and always say goodbye Elmo when he leaves.

  126. Jade June 23, 20131:44 pm

    My son, cause he’s never seen a live show.

  127. Tiffany Pearce June 23, 201310:43 pm

    my daughter just loves Elmo and i would love to win tickets to take her to see him!!!! It would just make my day and esp hers!!!

  128. melissa June 24, 201312:23 am

    I would take my 4 year old daughter and my 1 year old niece as they both love elmo.

  129. Emma June 24, 20135:09 am

    I would take my 1 yr old Daughter and 2 yr old Son, they would LOVE it 🙂

  130. Toni Giblin June 26, 20131:07 am

    i would take my 3 beatiful children my little one LOVES elmo

  131. lisa June 26, 20131:11 am

    i would love to take my sons aged 4 and 3, it would literally b the best thing i could give them cos i know i have never been able to do something this special for them and i would just love to see their faces if we won it 🙂 pls

  132. Anonymous June 26, 20131:12 am

    I love to take my daughter miss 2.5 and see the look on her face, it be priceless 🙂

  133. jacinta June 26, 20131:15 am

    I love to take my daughter miss 2.5, as she loves Elmo and the look on her face will be priceless.

  134. Chelsea Kim Blazewicz June 26, 20131:16 am

    Why WOULDN’T you want you child to meet this totally loveable and cuddly happy character! What a lasting impression a HUG would leave!

  135. Nicole perry June 26, 20131:20 am

    I would love to take my son as its near his first birthday and LOVES Elmore on the tv

  136. Brooke June 26, 20131:33 am

    My 3 year old adores Elmo, what an amazing prize1!

  137. tammi veenvliet June 26, 20131:35 am

    i would love to take my 10 year old daughter my 18 month old son and 7 month old son because they love elmo !!!! who doesn’t lol xoxox

  138. Ebony Billing June 26, 20131:36 am

    I would take my 7.5month old son and my 6month old nephew and my sister inlaw as we would have a fun filled day out 🙂

  139. Ebony Billing June 26, 20131:38 am

    I would take my bubba who is 7.5months and my sister in law and my nephew who is 6months for a fun filled day

  140. Allison June 26, 20131:39 am

    My 20month old would just be in Sesame Street heaven, it is all he talks about. We would take his 32month old cousin. The boys would have such a wonderful time together (singing and dancing along) with all their favourite 123 Sesame Street Crew.

  141. bianca June 26, 20131:48 am

    my munchkin is about to turn 2 this friday; what a awesome ‘gift’ for her! she would have an absolute ball!! can just picture the excitement on her face if she saw elmo considering how excited she is when he comes on telly 🙂

  142. Charisse June 26, 20132:32 am

    I would take my two boys 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 they lovvvve elmo.

  143. Tish Cox June 26, 20132:33 am

    I’d take my 2 year old who is obsessed with Elmo and loves watching his dvds.

  144. timothy June 26, 20133:40 am

    I would love to take my little guy to this he would sooooo love it 🙂

  145. terry June 26, 20133:46 am

    I would take my son and nephew because they would love it and they are so cute when they sing Elmos world.

  146. julie-ann June 27, 201310:02 am

    I would take miss 4 and mr 9mnths as they are both glued to sesame st when it is on

  147. thiskatie June 29, 20133:24 am

    My 2 year old brother 🙂

  148. Phillippa June 30, 20131:15 am

    My younger son and my daughter LOVE Elmo so would love to take them!

  149. Lia June 30, 20131:18 am

    My daughter Zara loves Sesame Street. She loves ‘melmo’ (Elmo) the most!

  150. Bobby June 30, 20131:26 am

    I would like to win this for my 6 yo daughter who has a life limiting disease called diffuse lung disease and is a big Elmo fan, it would be an amazing surprise for her xxx

  151. Joanne Lee June 30, 20131:26 am

    Please plea see eeeeeeeeee…… I missed giggle n hoot, disney on ice & the circus. Wouldnt want to disappoint my little man, he soooooooo loves elmo. ♡♥♡♥

  152. kate daulby June 30, 20131:34 am

    i would love to take my 2 yr old girl!! she has been through so much and would love to see her beautiful smile as she walks in!! 🙂

  153. Rebekah June 30, 20131:36 am

    I would love to take my 15 month old daughter to her first concert to see Elmo with my husband make a family day out together

  154. Karina Pablo June 30, 20131:38 am

    My little girl and I both love Elmo!

  155. Tegan S June 30, 20131:46 am

    I would take my 2 yr old son because it would be his first concert and he loves elmo. Also it would b a fantastic treat and special family outing for him because he has recently become a big brother and feeling a litle left out.

  156. jessica williamson June 30, 20132:04 am

    My soon is a huge Elmo and cookie fan, he’s 3 years old:)

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  • The Only Teacher's Christmas Gift Guide You'll Need. EVER.

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    Christmas Gift Guide for Teachers Do you have little ones [or big ones!] in school? Have you dropped them off at their class every day and wondered, with awe, how any sane person could choose to spend 6 hours a day with as many as 30 kids at a time? As we get closer to […]